Mini Horse Rescues Update

We try to update you as often as possible about what’s going on at the ranch and recent rescues. However sometimes amongst the mucking, saving, rehabbing, training, fundraising and re-homing we get a little backed up. But talking about what we do is as important as rescuing. So here is an update on a recent rescue…

We always say it takes a village so sometimes we partner with other reputable rescues. Recently we partnered with P.A.W. 4 The Foundation and rescued two mini’s from a kill pen in Texas. LPR joined in and was able to raise funds for this mare and her foal. The two are currently at P A.W. 4 The Foundation and are doing great. The mom was covered in ticks and bots so she is half body clipped. We will keep you updated on these two as more progresses. When we say it takes a village, we’d like to mention that it was because of you and your invaluable life saving dollars that helped save these two from what would have been a tragic ending.


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