The Bowie 6

We did a joint rescue with All Seated in a Barn to save 6 drafts coming from an Amish herd. They were in horrible condition, but deserved a decent ending after the years of labor so clearly shown all over their bodies. It took a village (as always) but we did it!

Thank you to our incredible donors and fundraisers who make this possible.

Read this message from one of the new owners: 📝 “He was so scared he was trembling when we picked him up! After 7 1/2 hours in the trailer we opened the door he was still trembling and afraid of all of us! We put him in his stall gave him a few minutes while we got him some hay & water. My 13 yr old daughter we call the horse whisperer went in to calm him and reassure him. After a few minutes he was eating hay out of her hands and letting us all pet and love on him! Today we will do more of the same; just love on him and reassure him that our hands represent love and compassion. We will spend as much time as it takes to ease him of the fear! We are in the process of searching for a bigger ranch back in Texas, and starting a Draft Horse Rescue. Maybe we can team up, and make a difference in saving a few more lives of the majestic animals!!! ♥️ PS

I’ve been in tears since we picked him up! He’s just amazing, and it would have been such a waste of an amazing animal to be slaughtered! ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you for what you do to help save these horses!!!!” #thebowie6

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