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She is doing well in her home in Tucson. The woman who has taken care of Ruth is a true angel and her transformation is incredible. We are forever grateful to the men and women who take these souls in and patiently nurse them back to health. Many feedlot horses have a lot of problems. Some don’t, but many do and the new owners are prepared for what’s ahead. See photos below:


Sadly, Jordan is the only one from the Amish herd that did not make it. She had in abscess that spread to her coffin bone. It is no wonder she was very irritated and struggled to be touched. She was in so much pain. The vets said, “They worked her to death. They killed her. She is dead standing.” See images of beneath her hooves below:

She has a burial plot in TX now that a donor volunteered to do for her. They did not want her to die forgotten. We hope to continue to rescue in honor of Jordan’s life. She was used for many years to help humans and then was discarded like nothing. We know these animals have souls and are so much more deserving than these tragic fates. We are glad we could send Jordan off to greener pastures as peacefully as possible.

We cannot thank the wonderful woman in TX who gave her a soft landing, food, shelter and vet care. We were able to give her a dignified ending because of you.


The joint rescue with All Seated in a Barn. Read their update from her below:

“This girl ❤️ She went from being super skinny and at a kill pen to be slaughtered, to being one of the gentlest souls I have ever had the privilege of meeting. My sweet Ellen. She has been adopted and goes to her new home next weekend. As sad as I am to see her go, I am so happy for her and that she finally gets to receive the love back that she gives so effortlessly ❤️”

BEFORE: At Bowie Feedlot


Also at All Seated in a Barn:

“Peggy Update❤️ She was part of the Bowie 6, and has been struggling with a horrible case of cellulitis in her back left leg. She somehow had gotten herself all wrapped up in wire on her back end and it was left untreated causing it to get super infected. We took her out for the first time yesterday to start getting her moving more (which worked in helping to reduce the swelling!) and she did AMAZING! These drafts are incredible and the fact that they still even like people after what they do and go through amazes me. Peggy is amazing 💥 Your donations make a HUGE difference to everything we do here and we appreciate it SO MUCH!”

Visit their website:

Thank you to everyone who made #thebowie6 rescue possible.


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