More Equines Saved From Slaughter


Wow! You guys are incredible! Together, we saved so many souls from slaughter last week. Our donors and online fundraisers are incredible. Meet the equines below:

We also had a few donors help All Seated in a Barn rescue these two geldings from slaughter:

They are currently in Virginia with another rescue. ASIAB is in control of these two rescues.

Sadly, the mini, Sweetie, had a horrible infection in her shoulder that set in and it was too late to save her life.

We are grateful she did not die the horrific fate of slaughter. Remember, we are saving torture bound animals. Our mission is much more than just rescuing healthy ones. No equine should suffer the fate of a slaughter house.

Here are the mules in their new home. We are working on getting better photos:

The donkey we saved also safely landed there as well:

The palomino mare is still waiting to be placed but is being fostered in TX. She is in good hands, but is available for adoption.

Thank you to our monthly members, online fundraisers, ranch volunteers, one off donors, and everyone in-between!


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