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Laughing Pony Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate unwanted and abused horses of all breeds.

As a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all contributions to us are fully tax-deductible. We use every penny that we receive to care for our horses. We have no paid staff and run month-to-month depending solely on donations and grants. Although we are located in Rancho Santa Fe, we are in no way a show barn. We’re dusty and ramshackle but we love our horses and they have the best possible care.

Premarin Farm Mares – Mares are impregnated and kept in stalls during the last 6 months of pregnancy so their urine can be collected. This urine contains estrogen that is used to produce Premarin for women’s hormone therapy. The mares are kept pregnant so the estrogen can be harvested. Rescuing mares from these farms requires paying certain fees, so we cannot take every horse. Barbie was a Premarin farm mare, thus her brand.

Feedlot horses – These are lots where horses are stored before sending to the slaughterhouse. If they are too skinny, they are fattened up until ready to send to the slaughterhouse. Rescuing requires paying current slaughterhouse prices, transportation fees, and any other applicable fees. Amigo was rescued from a feedlot in New Mexico.

Neglect/Abuse – When an owner cannot take care of the horse due to finances or inexperience or other situations that will put the horse’s health at risk, they can donate the horse to us. Our 2 ponies came from these conditions.

If a horse appears to be neglected or in a poor state of health, call the San Diego Humane Society or San Diego County Animal Services. The legal network needs to be notified first before any rescue can start. If you take it upon yourself, it’s called theft or horse stealing!


Celia has been instrumental in rescuing more than 3000 horses, nursing them back to healthy mind, body and spirit, and adopting them out to loving homes.

At ten years old, she got her first horse, Hot Foot Honey. She used to ride her bareback through the streets of New York. She later got a job breaking, training and exercising horses for the racetrack, and riding in the fair races.

Her first rescue was an Appaloosa stallion named Don, who was on his way to the feed lot to get fattened up and then sent to the slaughter house for meat.

Celia was among the first to go to Nevada to help rescue their wild Mustangs. Celia would take on what others would deem the “untrainable” horse. She often helped other rescues to train difficult horses so that they could be placed in good homes. She helped individual owners with similar problems as well.

Celia is the President of Laughing Pony Rescue, Inc., founded as a non-profit in 2009. Each day she and her team of volunteers take care of up to 20 horses at the Laughing Pony Rescue Ranch. There are other rescue horses in their network being fostered at ranches around Southern California. The rescue operation, rehabilitation, training, and sponsorship/adoption efforts take hard work, and money, but its all well worth it when an amazing animal that has been given a second chance finds a loving home.



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