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Help Us Save 2 Mares and their SLAUGHTER BOUND Foals! SOS!

Calling all Horse Angels!!!

We are currently working on four rescues in Moses Lake, WA. Two mares + two foals are heading to slaughter next week. We have a close eye on them.

The bail has been set for $1200 for both. Our amazing LPR community has already raised $455. We only have $745 to go! We can do this!

Please send emergency rescue funds to our PayPal ASAP! Use the email: or simply click the link below:

Please make a note that your donation is for the “MOSES LAKE RESCUE” Please consider a donation of $1, $5, ANY amount, we will graciously accept for these 4.

Tag your fellow animal lovers below, screen shot and share, post about this rescue effort, or email this blog to someone. Every dollar, comment, like, email, call, text, prayer, etc makes these rescues possible. And we can’t keep rescuing without these things. No act of kindness is too small, and it all adds up to a happy horse saved from slaughter!

Thank you so much for making this life saving work possible. We know we couldn’t do any of this without you.

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IG: @laugingponyrescue

Lady Freethinker + LPR

We are so grateful to Katie Valentine (AKA Lady Freethinker) for doing this incredible feature and article on our rescue, Moses.


Read full article below:

Thank you again Lady Freethinker! It’s people like you spreading the word that make our mission possible.


Update on Large TX Rescue

Out of the large rescue in TX this February, sixteen of this herd has made it to Cindy and Katherine’s in Washington state. One is already adopted into a wonderful home. The other six donkeys are in Scurry Texas at a ranch waiting to go to Washington State. There is also a paint mare, Valentine, that is coming to Calif.  We do have a home for her.  We are waiting for the Vet there to tell us if she is in foal or not. She also has a little something going on with her right rear and she and the others are getting dusted for lice. The other fifty-four are safe and are being placed by someone that is in Texas. 

Below are photos of the sixteen in WA:

Thank to everyone who helps make these rescues possible!

LPR in the San Diego Union Tribune

We are so grateful to the San Diego Union Tribune and reporter Lisa Deaderick for doing a feature on Laughing Pony Rescue.

Learn more about our amazing founder and how the mission of saving horses from slaughter, abuse, and neglect began.

CLICK HERE to read it!

Vet Care GoFundMe for Cami the Mini Filly


Our first rescue of 2019 is a 5 month old mini filly named Cami. She was attacked by bees and was stung in the face and eye. After a vet evaluation, we discovered she is not only blind in her right eye but that it also needs to be removed. Her hooves are not in good shape either but we are taking care of that. 

We need help with Cami’s medical bills for the eye removal. The surgery happened February 25th and cost $900. See photo below.

$1, $5, $25…any amount helps. We operate solely on donations and cannot do this life saving work without the generosity of the equine and animal loving community. Here is the link to the GoFundMe:

If you feel more comfortable donating through PayPal –
Make a note to use $$ for Cami’s vet care:

Or send check or money order made out to
Laughing Pony Rescue, Inc.,
P.O. Box 32
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
*Make a note to use $$ for Cami’s vet care :

If you would like to adopt Cami, she will be available for adoption after the surgery in Tehachapi. 

Thank you!

LPR Limited Edition Hoodies

Profits of every hoodie sold
will help a slaughter-bound equine.

This is a limited time offering of this shirt that is not sold in stores. With every purchase know that you are helping help a horse in need. Giving that horse a second chance to be a beloved family member and companion.


Only Available Until 2/26/2019!

Painting of Bullet Up for Auction!

WOW! A painting of our very own Bullet! 

We could not be more grateful to the amazing artist and designer Christa Bilsky. This amazing piece of art is now up for auction! We know all of Bullet’s GF’s will be fighting over this one! Read all the details below. 

Instagram 📸 @art.runner.clb

“Why not create something beautiful and donate all proceeds of the painting to save some horses! The best! I looked through the photos and this one had so much character. Bullet! A gorgeous palomino that I’m told is quite the ladies man! Full of character and life! Not how his life started though, he was taken at a young age from his mother and sent off to auction. He was traumatized by the ordeal and had no trust in humans. LPR rescued the young horse and worked diligently with him. Now, Bullet is content, spirited and has zest for life and love for humans! I get that! Thanks to LPR he’s living the best life! I tried to capture his character with colour and making sure the spark in his eye was just perfect! Painted with Acrylics on repurposed wood with distress – 29” x 33” with a 2” profile. This piece I would love to sell /auction with all proceeds to LaughingPonyRescue. A beautiful cause, a beautiful thing. Please PM me with interest and purchase! Let’s do some saving!!! Please share!” 

Be sure to give @hu_and_ash
a follow!
Side by Side of Photo & Painting

Below is a newspaper clipping of Bullet’s amazing transformation and story!



Thank you again, Christa. It is wonderful and so are you!