Jun 06

LPR Launches Summer Riding Sessions

Come take riding sessions at the ranch from Celia, our president and founder. All ages welcome. You will learn Safe Western Trail Riding. All skill levels welcome as well. Two

Jun 05

You’re Invited! Daisy Mayhem and DynOmite’s Donkey Wedding  

You’re invited to our summer fundraiser! Daisy Mayhem and DynOmite’s Donkey Wedding  They are truly the love of each other’s lives! A fun event for kids, celebrating love, the rescues,

Jun 04

More Equines Saved From Slaughter

ONE SOUL AT A TIME Wow! You guys are incredible! Together, we saved so many souls from slaughter last week. Our donors and online fundraisers are incredible. Meet the equines

Jun 01

Follow Us on Social Media

We do a lot of active fundraising and rescuing on Instagram and Facebook! Along with updates on our rescues. Follow along and joins the LPR herd on social media! Links

May 29

Mare Saved from Slaughter

Happy Wednesday LPR herd! 🐴 We are happy to report this girl is ❤️ SAFE ❤️ and saved from slaughter. The first 3 photos below is her at the feedlot

May 18

Advice from a Horse

“Advice from a Horse” to all the graduates! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 – Take life’s hurdles in stride – Loosen the reins – Be free-spirited – Carry your friends when they need it

Apr 22

Clydesdale Colt Saved from Slaughter

We are happy to share this boy is safe! ❤️ Lots of donors came together over the course of a couple weeks to make this one possible. Thank you for

Apr 20

#thebowie6 updates

Ruth: She is doing well in her home in Tucson. The woman who has taken care of Ruth is a true angel and her transformation is incredible. We are forever

Apr 14

Help Us Save 2 Mares and their SLAUGHTER BOUND Foals! SOS!

*UPDATE. ALL HORSES ARE SAFE. Calling all Horse Angels!!! We are currently working on four rescues in Moses Lake, WA. Two mares + two foals are heading to slaughter next

Mar 20

The Bowie 6

We did a joint rescue with All Seated in a Barn to save 6 drafts coming from an Amish herd. They were in horrible condition, but deserved a decent ending