One Soul At A Time

Rescues from Slaughter, Abuse, Abandonment or Neglect


We cannot save them all. Until we can stop horse slaughter all together, we will have to focus on ONE SOUL AT A TIME. Meet them below. (all equines below are safe)

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All Seated in a Barn did a majority of this incredible rescue,
but a few of our LPR donors were able to help.

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2018 Rescues Below

12/5/18 UPDATE! Donkeys are safe!

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️

They are all happy and doing well up their new home in Washington. “They all love treats and loves.” ❤️ The total rescue is 12 donkeys (3 are in foal) from a feedlot in TX. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!


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12/2 Two Paint Mares Saved From Slaughter!

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️

These 2 brood mares were bought on Thursday 11/29 by LPR donors. They are from Moses Lake feedlot. Cindy and Katherine just got them to their ranch, and they placed them that night. We also saved a hackney pony on (photos below). Thank you to everyone for your donation. Keep it up and we will keep saving!

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12/1 Donkey Rescues in Progress:

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️

We are currently working with a team in TX to save 10 donkeys from slaughter. Not all donkeys are pictured here. We will be sharing more photos as they come in.


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11/29 Saved from Slaughter!

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️

We are so happy to report this boy is safe! This Hackney pony was rescued from a feedlot in WA and has safely arrived to his forever home. ”We named him Major. He likes the donkey and the pony mare. But Molly the mini mule is not amused.” Thank you so much to everyone who helped with this rescue and kept another horse from slaughter.


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More Equines Saved from Slaughter!

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️


Paint in Foal

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️



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Look what you’ve done!!! 

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️


All of these have been rescued from slaughter over the last couple of weeks. Although we are still raising funds for transporting, we are happy that we could give PAW 4 $2900 this month for auction fees. Thanks Charlotte for being able to take the roan gelding, the paint pony the 2 bay ponies and the donkey. And thanks to LPR followers for raising the money for them. 🙏🙏🙏

— Additional funds of $2700 to rescue the following – the mini mule, the donkey in foal, the pony and the mare and foal. The mare and foal will dropped of in Palm Desert 🌵and then the others are going to our volunteers in Washington and are all placed. Thanks Cindy and Katherine for placing these in the perfect home.

Please help us save more by donating! Every dollar counts! 💚💚💚 Thank you!


We are grateful and happy to report this mare is safe!

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 8.36.51 PM


❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️


Remember our mini donkeys, Lefty and Poncho?

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️

Well, they’ve spent a few months with our friends Chrissy and Donna and look at them now! Fat and happy and even being ridden!!!! Amazing, and so happy for them! Thanks Donna and Chrissy!

🎉🎉🎉Saved by LPR & team!! 🎉🎉🎉

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️

10 years old. 17 handsFormer event horse 🐴 whose owner discarded her. 😢 She was on the way to feed lot/slaughter but she has been rescued and already has a home!! 🏡❤️ Thank you so much to everyone that makes these rescues possible. Every follower, every donor, every supporter helps us save the lives of these horses. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 🙏🙏🙏 We did it!!

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 8.48.35 PM.png

❤️ SAFE + HOMED ❤️

This pony needs our help! We are very grateful to the people who reached out seeking vet care and assistance through our organization. Now we need your support. 🙏💪

Here is an update on one of the horses we saved at the Lewiston Auction this last week.

Her name is Whiskey Babe and she is 9 year old black mare. She’s amazing – already broke to ride, it’s been 3 years since she was under saddle but she was ridden in a round pen with no issues. She also loves kids and loves attention. Thank you to everyone who has donated, liked, comment or shared our post! It all adds up and makes it possible to save and care for these horses.

We just saved these two!

They were at the Lewiston Auction on the Idaho border. Both are mares. Black mare is 9 yrs 15.2 hands and the Haflinger is late teens, early 20’s 14.2 or so.

These are 2 ponies at the Moses Lake Feedlot that were just dumped.

Their feet are in really bad shape. The mare is 21 years old, the gelding 8 years old. We have homes for them if I can get them bailed. Homes that can take care of those feet. Tony had the feet trimmed some to help them walk. But they need long term care for those feet. Pictures of feet are the geldings. The mare’s were just as bad before she had her little trim.

Update on the cute little mare we rescued in Texas:

We named her Candy. She got to Ramona a few days ago. She was pretty beat up. She was transported by someone that transports horses to slaughter. Its hard to find someone to transport a dirty horse. (Thats what they call horses that need to be quarantined.) Anyway, it was clear to me that she had gone down in the truck and was trampled. Remember, they put a bunch of horses loose in the truck. We got the vet out and she agreed that’s what had happened. Right now Charlotte says Candy is fighting for her life. Meds and wraps. Thanks Charlotte for taking care of her.

Update** Candy is SO much better!

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 9.01.32 PMIMG_7608IMG_7609IMG_7610IMG_7607img_7611.jpeg

We just rescued this beauty from getting on a slaughter truck.

She is in Texas and we teamed up with our friend Charlotte. (She’s the one that rescued the 32 minis, ponies and donkeys, including our Daisy, in Texas a couple years ago.) She should be arriving in Ramona on the 29th or so. She will be up for adoption through LPR.

And more good news!! In Washington, all 7 yearlings are adopted as well as the black and white 3 month old paint colt. We still have 3 foals to go plus 3 mares in foal. The stud will be gelded and be taken care of by one of our volunteers until he is adopted.

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Josephine has been saved from slaughter & adopted by the amazing Molly Lovlyn!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank You Molly!


Can’t adopt? Don’t worry, you can still help save the lives of horses today by donating below!


We are so excited to announce that Jacky Streck has adopted this beautiful bay!




Can’t adopt? Don’t worry, you can still help save the lives of horses today by donating below!

Here’s an update on a feedlot horse, JJ, who was saved in Washington and is now living in Silicon Valley!

JJ arrived safe and sound last week after 34 days in quarantine. Here some pics of her on the first day at her new home after the long trailer ride to Silicon Valley. She has been eating a lot of apples and peppermint cookies which are her favorite. Not surprisingly, she is pretty unthrifty looking with some skin issues and underweight but we will be working on that. She is just cute as a button and very sweet. Hope you enjoy the pics!!


Volunteers Needed!

LPR is looking for some hard working, reliable and willing to learn volunteers! No horse experience necessary. We’re looking for volunteers (18 years or older) that have a couple hours a week that want to spend that time around horses, mucking, filling water buckets and lending a hand.

We have shifts available twice a day, every day of the week, especially Monday – Friday. Our morning shifts are 7 am – Noon and afternoon shifts are 2 pm – 5 pm.

It’s a lot of fun and a lot of learning. What do you say, gotta couple hours a week? Email Chris at for more information. We hope to see you at the ranch!


These are 2 horses saved from the Lewiston, Idaho horse auction this week by our volunteers.

$310 16 year old Appy Mare. (2nd time at the auction)

$530 Bay Gelding age unknown

They are going to be checked out to be sure that they’re healthy. We may have a home for the bay, but if you’re interested, please let us know!


We’re in the news!


Another beautiful soul needing a home.

Funds are being raised for her and desperately seeking a loving forever home that can take her on.

Her name is J.J

JJ, Paint mare, 14.3hh, approx 5 to 6 years old, broke to ride, Tag #403, price $650.

Please share and follow our pages for updates and horses in need. Any thing helps from a simple share, to following our pages, to donations of any kind.

Please send donations to Laughing Pony Rescue and make sure to comment for “Feedlot” horse.


Slaughterbound Leopard Appy Mare

We’re collecting funds for this horse:

Meiji tag # TT654 Leopard Appoloosa Mare, approximately 5 to 6 years old, 15.3hh, halter broke, unknown if she is broke to ride.


We have $25 left over from our last rescue. If you have any way to help, please visit our website at and donate there. Please note that your donation is for the Appy Mare.

An update on Meiji who you all helped to rescue:

Meiji (may-he) as she is today – Friday. 6/9

Hello everyone,

This email is being written and sent to everyone who has supported me in adopting Meiji.

As most of you know Meiji was at a feedlot in Washington. With Celia’s (Laughing Pony Rescue) help and orchestration, we were able to get her out of there last Monday. She arrived exhausted on Wednesday.

The photo to the right was taken just a few hours before she arrived at Silver Horse Retreat on Wednesday afternoon.

She’s still wearing the tag from the feedlot dated 5/19.

Meiji on her last stop on Wednesday before arriving at Silver Horse Retreat

I have to say, when Meiji came out of the trailer, I was shocked at her condition. The lady who hauled her said she had actually put on weight during the journey. She must’ve been super skinny when she left and it’s amazing how she made the long drive from Washington.

I am very grateful to the hauler, who along with Meiji, was able to get three other horses out of the feedlot. All of these horses including Meiji would have been sent to Canada for slaughter.

My boyfriend Nicio and I spent Monday and Tuesday preparing Meiji’s corral. We put up a shelter and cleared brush and rocks to make it comfortable and safe for Meiji.

This space is very special. It’s where my clients and I meditate with my horses. I’ve had profound and magical experiences here. Its high up on the property and the view is 360 degrees.The other six horses are in sight. I sleep in a yurt about fifty feet away.

When Meiji arrived, she seemed half dead. It was like she was in a coma. I had hay laid out for her and she starting eating continuously. She had a pronounced nasal drip and seemed very achy and sensitive. I gave her plenty of space and encouraged her to eat. She would eat, drink and stand.

I checked on her in the middle of the night and I hung out with her for a while under a magnificent star filled sky.

Thursday morning she had noticeably improved. I started calling around for a vet. It isn’t easy to get a vet out here as we are quite remote. Thursday afternoon I was able to do some body work on her, I used essential oils and did some cranial work on her spine and belly. She responded really well.

Friday morning, when I went up with hay she knickered loudly and came right over to me. What a greeting!

I posted on Ranchita Roundtable, our local facebook page, for an equine vet referral. A neighbor said a vet was on his way to see her donkey. The vet Dr Talbert was kind enough to fit me in.

I really like him, he is a no nonsense old fashioned vet, with a minimal approach and told me to keep checking her temperature as it was a little high. He gave her a shot of banamine (anti-inflammatory) and said it should make her feel better.

Well, it was a noticeable difference in her after the banomine shot. She fully woke up. And I was able to feed her organic herbal remedies, that Jessica Lynn, owner of Earth song ranch, had kindly donated especially for Meiji. Her temperature dropped and she seemed really comfortable and pain free.

From the photo’s, you can see a huge difference in just three days!

This afternoon, when I took her fly mask off she enjoyed a scratch around her ears and asked for more.

Pretty much, every spare moment I hang out with Meiji along with the dogs, Fox and Little Bear and even my cat Tinkerbell comes and joins us for tea at sunset.

Meiji is very sweet and I am feel so privileged to be her person. Thanks again to everyone for helping!

With much love, Sara

The photo on the left was taken Wednesday morning before she arrived. The photo to the right was taken this afternoon, Friday.

This last photo was taken this afternoon. You can see the difference in her eye, she’s back in her body.

Our mailing address is:

Silver Horse

28091 Old Mine Road

Ranchita, CA 92066

Add us to your address book

We recently welcomed Bullet back to the ranch.

Since being back, he’s been loving hanging out with his old buddies, has had his hooves done, teeth floated and has started relearning all his old tricks (bowing and fetching). He sticks out like a sour thumb at the ranch, given that he’s the only palomino at the ranch and also the tallest horse. He’s a gorgeous guy, but today, we wanted to show how far he’s come since being originally rescued from a Premarin Farm years ago. Look at what he’s grown in to!


Bullet is settling in well at Laughing Pony.

Of course, he knew Gino, Johnny, Amigo, and Tango when he was first with us 8 years ago. They haven’t forgotten each other. So very sweet!


Remember Bambi who we rescued from the Washington feed lot?

Well, here she is now! She’s been renamed Roxy. She’s looking great!!!!!!


First llamas, now ducks!

Hi everyone! Yesterday while I was down at the barn, I heard squeak noises. I look around the corner and 5 ducklings are walking down the driveway straight towards me.. They are adorable. Luckily , I had 2 wonderful volunteers that helped me. One dug for worms (no she is not a kid) while the other went and bought duckling food. They are in my house in a big rubber bucket or they wont survive.

Does anyone have ducks? Need 5 more?

Let me know,

Celia –

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.08.45 PM.png

We always need to be ready to evacuate asap in case of a fire or other disaster.

Its important that all of our horses and donkeys will load quickly and easily in a trailer. Here, Daisy and Dynamite are being trained to get into the trailer. Getting them out is never a problem!


Recently LPR came across 2 feral llamas that needed to be rescued immediately.

Although our expertise is not in llama rescue, we knew we had to do something. So while we found the right people to get involved, we kept an eye on these two. We found the right group! A big thanks to Fernidad’s Familia Rescue. Watching the 2 llama experts catch these two feral guys was incredible. They got spit on constantly and even LPR’S own Harry got spit on when he was locking things up on the trailer.

Thanks to Tiffany Tann for finding these wonderful people.


Do you guys remember Blue Rose?

Last year you helped us rescue her from slaughter while she was in foal. When her filly was born, LPR’s volunteers helped to name her. Her name became Rose Bud. Look how well she is doing today!!

28516185_10213047202748491_6937373648812438484_o (1).jpg

Here is Blue Rose in Foal and Rose Bud when she was just born:


Rescue Alert

Yesterday we brought in a mare. Her name is Magic. Magic is underweight and needs medical attention. She needs her teeth and hooves taken care of and she will need shots. She also needs lots of good supplements to get her body healthy and stable. We are inviting you to come to the ranch and meet her. She will surely steal your heart. If you are interested in visiting Magic please email and please put Visit Magic in the subject line.


Magic on Tuesday

Its hard to tell how malnourished she is because she is so very very furry. But pics comparing her with Ruby, a very healthy pony, helps. If you’d like to help us care for her, you can donate thru our website PayPal.


Laughing Pony Rescue is happy to announce that we accept visitors to our ranch!

Simply by emailing and scheduling with us at:

Subject line: Ranch Visit

Hope to see you soon!



See How Your Donation Dollars Rescued, Rehabilitated and Re-Homed Moses!

Hi friends. Moses’ s family has sent us a few photos so we could show you how he was doing. Moses was rescued from the feedlot where he was waiting to go to slaughter. He was in rough shape when he arrived at LPR. Today Moses looks incredible and he is happy and healthy. In case you are interested in seeing Moses’s full story, we will share the video with you again below this post! 



HELLO 2018


Hello Everyone,

We are now in 2018. Wow! Crazy right? What a year 2017 was. Laughing Pony Rescue saved and placed over 33 horses and we could not have done it without you.

The fires were horrible. I loved the way everyone came together to help all the animals. It showed how many people truly care about animal welfare and how they want to try to ease pain and suffering.

What most people do not know is that 6000 equines suffer every week. The slaughter truck picks them up and spends 2-3 days on the road with 30-50 horses jammed into the truck. They make sure the holes are small so you caring people can’t see inside. There is no room to move. No food or water. The trucks are packed with foals, broken horses, mares and stallions…what a a bad mix. If you could look in, you would not be able to sleep at night. Then there is the final destination… the slaughter house which is just barbaric.

80 % of the U.S. is against this and yet any bills proposed in congress get shot down . Why are other animals put down humanely and our equines allowed to be tortured? Can you help get the word out? I know people don’t want to bring up the subject because it is such a downer, but there are people that don’t know and they need to or nothing will change. I can’t tell you how many new people come to the ranch that don’t know about this. It horrifies me. I urge you to take the time to check out this process so you will be as passionate as I am to help stop this. One more person who knows is one more person who may step up for change.

Rescuing horses has been a passion of mine for over 40 years and I have always had a particular drive to rescue slaughter-bound equine. Many people shy away from this focus only because dealing with the feedlot can be extremely difficult for many reasons. However this year we have found a way to go straight to the herd. We are excited to share our rescue efforts with you as our plans develop further.

With every new year there is a chance for a new beginning and while our mission is always the same, to rescue abused, abandoned and slaughter-bound equine, we hope to achieve more than we have the years before. We hope you will join us in 2018 to make a difference in the lives of these animals. And always remember that we don’t do this so there will be one more horse on this earth, we do this so one less horse suffers this horrible death.


Celia Sciacca


What a beautiful story written about a rescue horse named Sammy!

Thank you Josie Kendall for sharing your moving story with us. Your words are a testament to the beautiful moments experienced within rescue and rehabilitation. Thank you for having the strength to not turn away. You are incredible!

“Sammy is a young colt that I rescued last March from The Keller Range Horses. He was sent to the Moses Lake Feed Lot where I was told that he was available for adoption. The moment I saw this scrawny little red fella I was beyond smitten. I was already looking to take on one more rescue from this group, but the previous foal I was interested in had become unavailable suddenly. So I hooked up my trailer and went and picked this little furball up. When I first saw him it was hard not to cry, the only reason you couldn’t see the bones under his skin was because of his thick matted copper hair. He was so engorged with ticks, that just running a curry over him would make several pop off and splat on the ground, he had horrible lice, he was wheezing, not to mention a huge gash on the side of his neck. I knew I had to have him, even if it ment him simply spending his last few days alive with a warm place to lay down a soft voice to tell him how special he was. He was so tired and beat down that he didn’t even fight the haltering. let me lead him right out of the trailer and settled right in on the farm with my other two horses.

as the weeks went by he got stronger and stronger, bit by bit his eyes grew brighter, his head held higher, but no matter what he didn’t loose that calm, sweet kindness that I saw on that first day. I had even mentioned in videos that I couldn’t believe he was a wild horse. and today…..well lets just say hes the first one to come running and say hello. I am so thankful every day for this little guy, and I cant imagine not having him in my pasture or in my life. in another few months he will be starting his official big boy training, and we will see just how far we can fly together in years to come. If theres one thing I can tell anyone wanting to get a horse is, don’t knock adoption, don’t turn your back on the little ugly brown horses. They just might be the unicorn you’ve been dreaming of. ~Love you Sammy San Poil~ ( I can’t figure out how to share more than one pic to a post but feel free to check out my page for more pics and updates on Sammy)” – Josie


From Feedlot to Forever Home

Our dear friend and fellow rescuer Katherine Flower just pointed out that the wonderful story we shared about Sammy is actually a horse you helped to rescue from slaughter earlier this year. We knew him as Warrior and he looked a bit different. Guys, thank you for all you do! Sammy is in such loving hands because of you. It feels so good to see these guys healthy and happy. We can’t do this without you! Thank you!!

Del Mar Fairgrounds and Horses Needs Your Help

Del mar fairgrounds is asking for volunteers for shifts. No horse experience necessary. 858- 755 -1161. Supplies needed too. Carrots, apples, bedding, shovels, rakes, haynets, hoses….dont wait to get through on the #. Just go. You can jump in and give a hand.

Thank you to the LPR volunteers who have already headed over to help feed, muck and give fresh water. You make us proud! Keep up the good work.

Amazon Smile! A Perfect Way to Support Abused and Abandoned Equine During the Holiday!

It’s the season for gifts and giving and if you are like us, a lot of purchasing happens on Amazon. Choose AmazonSmile this holiday season for all your gift purchases and Amazon will donate a portion of your total to Laughing Pony Rescue WITH NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. It is easy to sign up. Here is how it works:

1. Visit

The entire shopping experience is the same and most products available on are available at Amazon Smile.

2. Sign in and Choose Laughing Pony Rescue

Simply search for “Laughing Pony Rescue” where it says ” Or pick your own charitable organization.” Once selected, you will receive an email confirmation and you can begin shopping.

3. Begin shopping!

Once you’ve selected your charity everything else functions the same. Shop for your favorite products or the perfect gift. Most products are eligible on AmazonSmile–if not, you’ll be notified. You can checkout normally as well. No extra cost is passed on to you.

4. Share with your friends

After you’ve successfully completed a purchase on AmazonSmile you can share the news with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email. This option appears on the confirmation page after your order is complete.

Happy Holidays and thank you for supporting LPR!


Hi All! Here’s a recent rescue update for you…

We try to update you as often as possible about what’s going on at the ranch and recent rescues. However sometimes amongst the mucking, saving, rehabbing, training, fundraising and re-homing we get a little backed up. But talking about what we do is as important as rescuing. So here is an update on a recent rescue…

We always say it takes a village so sometimes we partner with other reputable rescues. Recently we partnered with P.A.W. 4 The Foundation and rescued two mini’s from a kill pen in Texas. LPR joined in and was able to raise funds for this mare and her foal. The two are currently at P A.W. 4 The Foundation and are doing great. The mom was covered in ticks and bots so she is half body clipped. We will keep you updated on these two as more progresses. When we say it takes a village, we’d like to mention that it was because of you and your invaluable life saving dollars that helped save these two from what would have been a tragic ending.

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