One of My Favorite Places in the World! Very Peaceful Ranch with MANY RESCUED LOVED HORSES 🙂 – Ryan Jackson

I’ve been volunteering there for a year. Celia is the most caring, giving and knowledgeable horse person. She takes such great care of these marvelous animals. They get their feedings right on time (including customized herbs and vitamins that suit each of the horses needs), the volunteers are great about keeping the stalls clean and dry. It’s a big undertaking with 11+ horses but Celia pulls it off. These horses are gentle and ridable after she works with them. I’ve seen some amazing transformations! Highly recommended! – Debra Parker

Very fun day. Kids for to ride & groom followed by horse lecture. Kids loved it and all for a great cause! – Nick Jensen

I absolutely have fallen in love with this place in the 6 months of volunteering.  All the horses are taken excellent care of and the owner, Celia, goes out of her way to make sure each horse is given the proper care.  On top of that she is non stop on the phone with other people.  She is either discussing saving other horses not in her care or maintaining a relationship with those that have adopted her animals…. I have ZERO clue how she is able to do all she does. Not to mention she has completely corrected my bad riding habits… Or getting there 😉 – Rachel S.

I have been volunteering for 2 1/2 years at the ranch. I have taken occasional horseback rides my whole life, but never been involved in caring for the horses. I have met really nice volunteers and Celia the owner has taught me from the ground up. She really cares about the horses, tries to rescue as many as she can and trains them. All of the horses are really nice and now Celia has rescued 4 donkeys. She knows each animal’s personality and if something isn’t right, Celia will be up all night caring for the animal. The ranch is very organized and depends on donations and volunteers to keep going. Through out the year, volunteers organize various fundraisers to keep the rescue going. It takes a village to keep this rescue going, and we have a great, knowledgeable leader and hard working crew. – Elyce N. 

I have been volunteering at Laughing Pony Rescue for over five years. To say the horses, ponies, and donkeys are well cared for is an understatement.  Each Laughing Pony receives individualized attention, food, supplements, and even chiropractic care. They get to romp and play with their carefully-matched buddies every day.  I thought I knew a lot about horses when I started, but nope!  Celia, the owner, has taught me an incredible amount about keeping horses healthy mentally and physically, how to ride safely, how to trailer a horse, and even how to train a horse. Celia is a powerhouse who dedicates every minute of her life to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing equines. (I don’t think she sleeps). And the success of this rescue would not be possible without the hard work of smart, dedicated and often hilarious volunteers, many of whom start with no horse experience but excel because they want to learn and help animals. – Chris C.

This place is amazing doing amazing things. This horse rescue is saving horses and at the same time making people aware of these beautiful animals that need our help. If you are looking for a great organization that save horses this is it. – Steven S. 

If you are looking for the best place in southern California to familiarize your child with horses and learn horsemanship or just looking to volunteer as an adult, look no further – Laughing Pony Rescue is the place! LPR is a working horse ranch that rescues horses, ponies and donkeys from all over the country. More often than not, these animals are headed for slaughter or have been abandoned. LPR is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving these animals and the owner, Celia, is the heart and soul of the organization. I have never in my life seen a person work so tirelessly for a cause. My daughter and I learned so many valuable, lifelong lessons at LPR, I am forever grateful for my experience with Celia. If you are looking for an amazing and truly unique experience, visit LPR. – Stacy L. 

Laughing Pony Rescue rescued me. I had zero horse experience 8 months ago when I began volunteering at Laughing Pony Rescue (LPR) and over these past months Celia (the horse & donkey whisperer) and the incredible volunteers have taught me so much.  I feel I am valued part of the LPR family. Aside from learning so much, I am in awe of all the good that occurs on the ranch. From our educational programs teaching children about horses to the groups of special needs students we host three times a week to help us on the ranch, LPR is so much more than just a horse and donkey rescue. LPR represents the best of our community and Celia is the person who holds it all together. Her dedication to the care, health and rehabilitation of our horses and donkeys is unparalleled, she dedicates 7 days a week, all day, to these animals and putting the needs of LPR above her own. I feel incredibly grateful I found LPR and have been given a chance to thrive, just like our rescues. Thank you Celia. – Susan I.

Love LPR!  The animals are so well cared for and the ranch is always kept safe for the animals, volunteers and visitors.  Celia works above and beyond to keep the rescue running and to ensure we all learn the proper techniques to care for the horses and the donkeys.  The love and joy the animals give back is so special.  The ranch is truly an amazing and loving place. – Jeanie K. 

This place is saving my life. When I was going through chemo I got very depressed and a friend suggested I volunteer, I found the laughing pony rescue and my depression is a thing of the past. The owner Celia is amazing and will teach you so much. The lessons are reasonable and the horses are very sweet. The horses and I might come to the rescue broken but we leave healed. The owner and all the volunteers are so dedicated to these beautiful horses. This is an amazing place to be a part of. – Kathleen F. 

A ranch full of miracle workers. I have been around horses and credit my self confidence and success to being exposed to horses. This place is wonderful. Take lessons here as they are a source of fundraising for the animals! Great place! – Jackie V.

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